Caring for more than just children

Providing aid to an entire community.


Our medical clinic provides free health care for the children of Casa Gautemala and the surrounding communities. We seek to help solve the medical problems that, without proper care, can derail the lives of both children and adults. All the supplies and medications we use to help our community are acquired through donations.



Health care

Our clinic is staffed with trained volunteer nurses and doctors from around the world. Together they provide health care services that range from cuts and scrapes and common colds to rare tropical illnesses and chronic malnutrition. Thanks to a generous ongoing donation from our friends at Sharing the Dream, we are fortunate to have a full time local indigenous nurse assistant on staff to ensure we can offer our services year round.



health education

As important as health care is to Casa Guatemala and the surrounding community, health education is possibly even more crucial. Much of the medical knowledge that first world countries take for granted is unknown in countries like Guatemala. It's our mission to provide preventative health education that will ensure our community stays safe and healthy even after they leave our clinic.