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We know it's not easy to find us, but it's worth it.


Casa Guatemala is located along the Rio Dulce, a 20 minute boat ride  from the town of Fronteras. There is a bridge that spans the river between Fronteras on the north side and El Relleno on the south side.

Hotel Backpackers is located on the south side of the bridge that spans the river (between El Relleno and Fronteras). Check in at the reception here. You will be able to take a lancha boat to Casa Guatemala.




Coming from Guatemala City or Flores


There are several bus companies that run services from Guatemala City to Rio Dulce and Flores to Rio Dulce. You can take a taxi from the airport to Litegua or Fuente del Norte offices.

Litegua offers a good service. Their office in Guatemala City is located at 15 Calle 10-40 in Zona 1. Buses depart at 0600, 0900, 1530 and 1900 daily. It takes approximately 6 hours and currently costs Q80. Ask the bus driver to drop you off before the bridge to save walking back across it!

Buses depart from Flores several times a day. This journey takes 6 hours and costs Q90. Water taxis (Lanchas) run from Livingston and will take you to Fronteras or the Hotel Backpackers. There is another bus company in Rio Dulce - Fuente Del Norte. They provide more frequent service, but their buses are older.




Coming from Fronteras


The Litegua offices are located at the north end of the bridge. It is about a 15 - 20 minute walk to the Hotel from here.  Head across the bridge (you can see the Hotel over the left hand side from the bridge) and take the steps on the left at the south end.  Walk back along the road at the bottom of the steps towards the river.

A taxi from Fronteras will cost between Q10 and Q20.  A tuc tuc will cost Q5 per person and there are many.


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