Casa Guatemala is a group of dedicated individuals and volunteers striving to make a difference

Proving everyone can make a difference.

Casa Guatemala currently supports more than 300 children. We're able to provide this care thanks to the generous contribution of 15 teachers, 20 employees, and approximately 20 international volunteers.

We also have affiliate, registered charities in Canada and the US that help to collect the funds needed to operate this large organization.



2015 top-rated nonprofit

Casa Guatemala was recently named a 2015 Great Nonprofit by GreatNonprofits is the leading platform for community-sourced reviews and stories about nonprofits. This means our donors, supporters, and volunteers reviewed and recommended Casa Guatemala as a valuable nonprofit that can make a difference in the world.



Our History

Since 1977, Casa Guatemala has helped thousands of vulnerable children from around Guatemala. Over the years we have facilitated hundreds of adoptions around the world, rehabilitated thousands of malnourished children and provided a loving home, education and health care for over 250 children per year. Casa Guatemala has been like a light shining at the end of a tunnel for families that could not afford to feed their children, and children whose parents were not able to care for them.