Building the future of Guatemala

With help from people like you.


Everything we do at Casa Guatemala is made possible by donations from generous people like you. Every child we save, every project we complete, and every life we change.



Watch our introductory video to get an inside look at all we do at Casa Guatemala.



At Casa Guatemala, there are four ways you can help.



All donations go directly to supporting what we do at Casa Guatemala. You can donate money directly, or send supplies.



It's never been easier to sponsor a child directly. The children of Guatemala need your help to reach their potential.



Volunteers are the heart and soul of Casa Guatemala. If you're ready to help change lives, reach out to us today.




Hold an event, run a marathon, or create your own fundraising campaign to get your friends and family involved, too.



Changing the lives of children in Guatemala

Through education, nutrition, and so much more.


Casa Guatemala strives to equip children with the skills and education needed to become upstanding, empowered citizens in their community. This begins with education. By ensuring that these kids are able to go to school we are breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities and improving the quality of life for their families.