Providing more than just food

Providing a nutritional foundation for the future.


We understand how important it is simply to have food on the table. But at Casa Guatemala, we don't stop there. We provide a nutritional education to our children and the wider community. Every child that we help educate can take that foundation back to their families and their communities, helping to spread nutritional education through all of Guatemala.



Malnutrition in Guatemala

Child malnutrition in Guatemala is a serious issue, and rural areas like Rio Dulce are hit especially hard. Guatemala has the third highest rate of stunting caused by chronic malnutrition in the world. In Guatemala, over a third of child deaths are caused by undernutrition. And children under two years old who are malnourished are at a higher risk for impaired cognitive development.

That's why the nutrition we provide at Casa Guatemala is so important. Every child we feed and educate will help change the future of Guatemala.

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