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Generous people like you are the only reason we're able to do what we do.


Casa Guatemala can't survive without the help of volunteers like you. When you volunteer, you'll help change the lives of more than 300 children in Guatemala, you'll meet new people and experience things you never thought possible, and you'll make memories that will last a lifetime. For both you and the children whose lives you'll change.

The majority of our volunteers work directly with the children in providing day-to-day care and supervision of the children who live onsite. These volunteers are referred to as Orientadores and work in teams to care for the children in the boys and girls houses. Other positions include working in the school as a librarian, gym teacher, or English teacher. Doctors and nurses are always especially welcome to volunteer at Casa Guatemala, and may work at the orphanage in the clinic for whatever amount of time you can provide.



What you need to knoW

For specific questions about volunteering, please visit our FAQs.

Volunteering at Casa Guatemala is a fantastic experience, but it is not without its difficulties. Our facilities are located in the heart of the jungle of Guatemala. This means no hot showers, hand-washing your laundry, and basic living conditions.

Some days you will be discouraged by the facilities and by the struggle to connect with the children. But at the end of each day, you will know that you've made a difference. And all of our volunteers leave feeling great about the time they spent with us.




Two ways to volunteer



SHORT-TERM volunteer vacations

$300 (USD) donation per week
Flexible commitment

Our vacation volunteer program is a great opportunity for travelers unable to commit to a full three (3) month volunteer period. You'll stay in our Hotel Backpackers and travel to Casa Guatemala via boat, which leaves the hotel at 7:30 am each morning and returns at 4 pm. The program cost is $300 per week and includes accommodations, meals, and transportation.

Vacation volunteer activities include arts and crafts, reading, helping in the library, English language skills, computer classes, physical education and other opportunities.



Long-Term Volunteering

$300 (USD) one-time donation
Three (3) month commitment

Long-term volunteers must stay for at least three (3) months, be at least twenty-four (24) years old, and have a basic grasp of conversational Spanish. Long-term volunteers live on-site at Casa Guatemala in a special living area exclusively for volunteers.

Responsibilities for long-term volunteers include activities that require consistency and more direct relationships with children. These include teaching positions (English, art, physical education, and more) as well as administrative positions at Casa Guatemala.


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